Sunday, 2 December 2012

What Is This a Case Of?

This week, Luker talks about the hard work that begins at the end of research process just as we are all tuckered out from gathering the data. I find that I can perfectly relate to this point. It has been interesting collecting information and reviewing literature on the topic I’d chosen for my research proposal, but I see now that the biggest chunk of the work is putting it all together.

It’s not just about writing a good story. Not only we need to connect our data to the existing scholarship, we also need to make sure that the resulting account of the selected social world sheds a light on areas of this world that have not yet been lit. This actually sounds very important for the social world itself. Our research can make a difference. How progressive. What a responsibility. Our purpose, as researchers, is to illuminate our selected social worlds with additional ideas that will lead to wider knowledge.

I also really want to say this. Doing the actual research about my topic has been enjoyable. I love reading the existing literature and develop my ideas about it. I want to keep going and just read, read, read and then write about it. I have been feeling frustrated about having to write the proposal for the research before the research is complete. So far, I have re-written my questions and re-thought my methods a million of times. I wish I could finish the research first and then write a proposal. I wonder, if it's known to do that. It feels like I would have a very clear idea about the research questions after I've asked everything I could and gathered all the info I could.


  1. Heya, just wanted to add that I felt like that as well when putting together the proposal. As I progressed I kept having to revise what came before as I saw how the project might unfold more clearly. It really illuminates that the research process is indeed an iterative one.